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Hluk 2020

M-min (M 1/20) category rules (unofficial translation)

  1. Scale model definition
    Scale model is a miniature of a heavier-than-air airplane, which carried at least one man Model is driven by one or more rubber loop. Recommended scale ratio 1:20 (in Czech Republic 1:20 only)
    Note: Term "original" is further used to denote the original airplane to be modelled.
  2. Documentation
    Minimum required documentation must contain:
    1. Three view scale drawing with span of at least 100mm
    2. one photograph of the whole original
    3. color drawing or photograph or printed description of color scheme and markings, if not clear from a) and b)
    Competitor must present the list of model parts which he/she did not made himself/herself. Competitor must also sign the declaration that he/she is the builder of the model. If falseness of this declaration is proved, the competitor can be disqualified from the competition.
  3. Number of models
    Each competitor can use one or two different models in the competition. Only better result obtained by those models is counted for individual evaluation.
  4. Assistants
    During the manipulation with the rubber loop the competitor can be assisted by one assistant.
  5. Judges and timekeeprs
    The organizer will assign at least two judges for the static points awarding and at least two timekeepers.
  6. Point tables
    The judges will write and check following items into the tables:
    1. competitor's name, starting number, club membership, name of the original, etc.
    2. measures wing span and propeller diameter
    3. awards points for static evaluation
    4. awards bonus N (%) and total coefficient of overrate C
    5. determines flight maximum Tmax
    6. determines flight coefficient Q
  7. Static evaluation
    No part of the model can be removed or exchanged between static evaluation and flying. Nothing apart from rubber loops can be added. The only exceptions are:
    1. Scale propeller can be replaced by propeller of arbitrary shape. Maximum diameter of flight propeller is limited to 35% of wing span. Only in the caste when the original propeller's diameter exceeded 35% of wing span the propeller of appropriate diameter can be used. Size, shape and color of the spinner can not be changed.
    2. Droppable weapons can be removed for the hand launch.
    3. If the original was equipped with retractable landing gear, the landing gear can be removed for the hand launch
    Points for the static evaluation are awarded according to the following table:
    a) scale precision (outline) 0 - 50 points
    b) surface realism, colors and marking 0 - 30 points
    c) quality and precision of the scale model, elaboration 0 - 20 points
    Highest total static evaluation S = max. 100 points
    Check all the elements not made by the competitor and correct the point value awarded for item c)

       Coefficient of complexity N (%)

    Item Maximum bonus [%]
    a) fixed armament15
    b) short distance of rubber loop(s) hangers (less than 35% of wing span) 10
    c) low-wing monoplane20
    d) biplane, triplane (for each additional wing) 20
    e) empennage beams system20
    f) two or more fuselages (for each additional fuselage)20
    g) two or more engines (for each additional engine)20
    h) flying boat or float plane20
    i) pusher propeller (for each additional propeller)20
    j) VTOL, flying wing, canard, etc.20
    k) more than two blades in flight propeller (for each additional blade)5
    l) droppable weapons15
    m) counterrotating propellers (for each pair of propellers) 20
    n) retractable landing gear 20
    o) "opening" landing gear (opens prior to the landing) 20
    "Každá vrtule se musí podílet poměrným způsobem na celkovém tahu trojplošník nebo tři motory a pod." does not make sense to me.... Ni = 40 All mentioned bonuses are summed up. The complexity coefficient is given by following formula:
    Nerovnost N
    Coefficient of complexity:
    Koeficient C
    for awarding bonuses for items k) to o) the model must demonstrate the items in both ground starts. Lower bonus reached in both ground starts is used for the calculation of complexity coefficient and flight maximum.
  8. Number of flights
    Each competitor has the right for four valid flights with each model, two release of ground (ROG) and two hand launches (HL). Scale models of flying boats can use drop off carriage, aircraft carriers models can use suitable model catapult.
  9. Number of attempts
    Each model has two attempts allowed in each flight round. The length of the flight round must be announced in advance.
  10. Flight maximum, flight coefficient
    Maximum length of valid flight is given by formula
    w...wing span [mm] C...complexity coefficient (see section 7)
    Flight coefficient is given by formula:
  11. Valid flight
    For the time measurement the rules mentioned in Sport code Sec. 4b items B 9.1 to B9.6 apply. Flight is valid if the model is launched and
    1. in first attempt the flight is 10 seconds or more
    2. if less, then the second attempt is enabled and arbitrary reached result is recorded
    Measuring of the flight is finished when:
    1. the flight is considered finished (Sec. 4b, B9.3)
    2. any part of the model falls down, with exception of droppable armory and starting carriage of flying boats. If this happens during the first attempt, the competitor has the right to try the second attempt. In such a case the result of the second attempt is recorded. Pushing the model by hand or any similar action during the ground take off with exception of using model catapult is penalized by removing 10 sec from reached flight time. Timekeepers must record for each ground start if the conditions k) to o) were met for the bonus award.
  12. Flight result
    Total flight result is given by the sum of better flight time in hand launch flight THL and better flight time in release of ground TROG multiplied by flight coefficient Q

    L = Q * (THL + TROG) (maximum 100 points)

  13. Total result
    Is given by the sum of static result S and flight result L

    B = S + L (maximum 200 points)

    If the equality of points occur, the order is given by the longer hand launch flight multiplied by flight coefficient Q.
  14. Starting board
    The organizer prepares for the competition the starting board of minimal size 1,0x2,4 m. Starting board must be adjustable according to the immediate wind direction and can not be positioned lower than 0,3 m over the top of the grass.