Comming events

Rapier Summit 2006 (foto: Ruja 2006 ©)

28. a 29.5.2011 - OPENSCALE 2011, Brno - Medlanky

Already twentieth vintage of most widely known Czech free flight 1/20 scale contest Openscale 2011, invitation in PDF.

12.9.2010 - Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2010, Brno - Medlanky

Official invitation (in Czech only) - traditional competition of 1/20 scale in Brno, Medlánky

18.9.2010 - 1/20 scale´s heaven in Trnavka 2010, airfield in trnavka, Nord Moravia

Second vintage miniscale competition - 1/20 rubber powered scales and RC miniscales.

Events below are over, check the reports to see how it was....

25.-26.6.2010 - F4F 2010

During 25.-26.6.2010 the indoor miniscale competition will take place in traditional location - winter stadium hall in Teplice. Categories are Peanuts, Pistacio, F4D, F4E, M-Rc, F1N and out of competition models and categories will be there as well. The inivitation with organizing details is here.

5.9.2009 - Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2009, Brno Medlánky

Official invitation (in Czech only) - we don't need to repeat that it is traditional competition of 1/20 scale in Brno, Medlánky :-), check the last year report...

28-29.03.2009 - International Indoor Fly-In 2009, Holland

2nd round of indoor flying competition in plenty of categories (F1D, F1M, F1M small, F1L, F1N, Sainte, Pistachio, F4F (Peanut) F4D (Open scale rubber), F4E (Open scale electric/CO2)). Check the details on Roel Lucassen web.

30.5.-31.5.2009 - Openscale 2009

And here we go! Openscale - the traditional contest of free flight miniscales and oldtimers is celebrating and changing. It will be the twentieth year and in 2009 we will celebrate fourty (!) years of M-min 1:20 category. The changes - the scale has no limits now for M-min category. The place of the event remains traditional - Brno-Medlánky. And here you can find official invitation.

And as it is becoming a custom, the Saturday of 30.5.2009 not only the rubber powered models will be in the sky, but the lovers of smoke trials will have their meeting too, on Rapier Summit 2009, meeting of Rapier powered models. This year's meeting is again organized by KE-PNUT-TEAMEM together with LMK Praha-Zličín and the modellers will not obtain only the advice regarding the motors, but the motors itself from the producer- RAPIER Pardubice.

26.6.-27.6.2009 - F4F 2009 - indoor miniscales in Teplice

This year the already third Teplice indoor contest is planned, and if the whispering is right it will be the indoor event of the year! All important info can be found in the invitation, among many subevents there will be the premiere of new category Peanut Antique and rare categories F4D and F4E - free flight indoor miniscales powered by CO2/electric. On this server you can check the report from 2007.

24.5.-25.5.2008 - Openscale 2008

The biggest annual event in miniscales M-min (dvacetinky) organized by Ing. L. Koutný. After 2007, when the decreasing trend in number of competitors was hopefully reversed there is something new for 2008 - "Jumbo Cup". Find more in official information.

24.5.2008 - Rapier Summit 2008

At the same time and basically at the same place as Openscale you can meet a bunch of modellers flying with a scale models powered by low pressure rocket motors Rapier. This year event is associated with 10th anniversary of motor maker company, so be sure to attend. Here you can find official invitation (PDF, 125kB) and also report from last year event.

27.-28.06.2008 - F4F 2008 Teplice

Winter stadimu Teplice - Peanuts, Pistacio, RC miniscale. We already obtained official invitation (PDF, 129kB). Last year was very succesfull (see the report ), so if you want to joint this event, do not hesitate !

15.-16.03.2008 - 1st International Indoor Fly-In (Nizozemí)

International indoor competition in following categories: F1D, F1M, F1M, Pistacio, F4F (Peanuts), F4D (indoor scale with rubber motor), F4E (indoor scale powered by CO2 or electric motor). The organizers sent us the invitation in PDF format (200kB), further information regarding accomodation close to Nijmegen or even the application form can be found on official site of the event on

16.9.2007 (date changed!) - Drnec Memorial, public competition M-min

Traditional post-vacation competition of M-min in Brno-Medlánky, officially recorded in the Calender of competitions of Czech Airplane Modellers Club under registration number 790. Official proposition from the organizer, Ing. Tomáš Heinl can be downloaded in PDF format (in Czech) [ here ] (38kB).

21.7. - F4F 2007 Teplice

Competition of peanuts and pistacia, initiated by KE-PNUT-TEAM, will be organized by modellers themselves and will be an attempt to put independent miniscale indoor competition back to life. Whole invitation (in Czech only for now) can be found [ here ].

22.6.- 23.6. - Teplice

Competition of indoor models, including Peanuts will take place on 23.6.2007 in Teplice stadium. Training flights 22.6., competition flights only on 23.6. Peanuts will start at 9 a.m., more info on +420 737164138, or email j[dot]kubes[at]centrum[dot]cz
Official invitation in PDF format (in Czech) can be found [ here ]

2.6.-3.6. - Rakovnik miniscale 2007

After last year premiere there is another miniscale meeting. For those who did not attend last year meeting the categires are rubber miniscale, CO2 miniscale and electro miniscale . [ more (in Czech) ]

1.6.-3.6. - Peanuts - Open competition

Together with Czech championship in F1D and P3 there is open competition in F1L, F1M, A6 and Peanuts taking place in Tachov-Světec. Complete invitation in PDF format (in Czech) can be found [ here ]

26.-27.5.2007 - Rapier Summit 2007

This summit comes with the Openscale contest (see above). Every rapier scale jets modellers are welcome!

26.-27.5.2007 - Openscale 2007

International scale and old-timer competition held on the beautiful historic Medlanky field in the ancient Moravian city of Brno. See Openscale invitation.