Openscale 2008 - propositions draft

Medlanky rubber

International contest of M-min (M-min according to national rules) and old-timers with rubber motor (BV according to SAM, i.e. models designed prior to 1954)

Petřík's cup

M-min and old-timers BV for young people up to 15 years old

Jumbo Cup

Rubber powered miniscales contest according to American FAC Jumbo scale rules

FAC Scale Exhibition

Demonstrative competition in other FAC categories



Time schedule of Openscale 2008

Applications and deposits

Seniors 100,- CZK, non-profits 50,- CZK, young 30,-
send up to April 30, 2008 to the adress of the competition director: Ing. Lubomir Koutny, Zahrebska 33, Brno 616 00, Czech Republic tel. +420 530 312 800 
e-mail: Koutny.Lubomir[-at-]


IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Categories proposed in the frame of FAC Cup will be be scheduled in Openscale program if we have 10 or more confirmed entrants by 31.03.2008. Confirmation must be sent prior to this date to the address of Bernad Guest:
Bernard Guest
Assistant Professor of Geology
Dept. of Geo- and Enviromental Sciences
Ludwig-Maximilain University
Luisen Str. 37, 80333
tel.: +49 892180 6514
or by email: b.guest[-at-]

Do not forget to mention what category of FAC Cup you are about to attend. People attending FAC Cup will be informed two months prior to Openscale what categories are finally scheduled to Openscale program.



Airfield will probably run ordinary glider traffic, starting place - after the briefing with flight controller, follow the instructions of organizer, you can not cross the starting or landing airplane, the competition is in the official callendar of CMMS actions, but there is no additional insurance.


scale and old-timer modellers from Brno with friends of small models